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We've just wrapped a BRAND NEW music video, for my new radio single, "More Than Enough." The video will be released in just a couple of weeks, with a special video premier in the Nashville area! The concept of this video is really cool! The production company literally constructed a room out of 2x4's and foam board. We then furnished the room, and rigged it with a sprinkler system so that we could make it "rain" inside the room we were filming in. 

(When you see the video it will all make perfect sense.)

We were scheduled to start filming at 10 AM on Friday morning but, heavy rains moved into the area as production was setting up to begin. So, needless to say, we were delayed for hours, and didn't begin filming until nearly 9:00 PM that evening. We filmed for a few hours that night and then kicked off again the next morning, although we still had to dodge some nasty weather that day as well. Filming wrapped later that evening, and we were super stoked about the footage we gathered!

During the shoot we used real instruments, including an amazing upright piano, given to us by a great ministry family in the Murfreesboro, TN area. The concept of the video was simple but really cool… As the song progressed we added musicians to the room as the rain began to fall inside the set. By the end of the song we are TOTALLY drenched by the abundant rain of God! Yes, DRENCHED… All the players, furniture, instruments, including the upright piano (which I got to play in the shoot as well)!

I am so excited about this video and can't wait for you all to see it! My production company ( has really out-done themselves with this one! We will be using the video to support the release of my new radio single, "More Than Enough," now at Christian Radio! Stay tuned for the video release!

- Jason


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